Create Your Life Giveaway

Life is full of possibilities and opportunities 

Do you have dreams and goals you’ve not acted on because of fear, doubt, and distrust of your own intuition?

Do you find your thoughts drifting into the what-ifs of decisions that changed the direction of your life?

Do you also wonder how you can take control of the direction now?

You want your life to be different – the freedom to be more you, to do more of what you love and experience peace and joy.

You promised yourself at the beginning of the year that everything would be different because if something you’ve learned in the last year is that life’s too short and moments are fleeting and frankly all you have is this moment right here.

There the only challenge that you are facing now is how to get started?

This is where the Create your Life Giveaway comes in. You can get all of the pieces you need to starting living boldly and bravely – one moment, one day at a time.

Get Free Access to the resources that you can tap into today to get started to create a positive change in your life.

Here’s what you can expect in the Create Your Life Giveaway!

Gifts to help you!

24+ Gifts to help you live your life focused, centered, and empowered. You’ll also get a chance to win prizes.

Experts that get you!

Experts that are able to hold space because they have been there and are here for you!

No selling during the Giveaway

Sign up and only get the free gifts that you want and know that there is no selling during this time.

Petra Monaco is an author, artist, coach, strategist, and the founder of The Rebels Den who sometimes moonlights as a virtual assistant and web designer.

She inspires people who struggle with taking action to follow their dreams + focus on their goals so they can create the life they want.

And thanks to following her own dreams + goals she is able to do whatever she wants every day as well as be present for her special needs son, and her family that includes 2 other adult sons, 3 grandkids, and an amazing partner of 16 years.

When not trying to survive the chaos and a pandemic – Petra and her partner can be found supporting the local music scene or camping in the woods.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I sign up for the Create Your Life Giveaway?

You should sign up for the Create Your Life Giveaway if you’re ready to create positive change in your life and start following your dreams + goals!

With all of these free gifts, what’s the catch?

There is no catch! Sign up for the gifts that you want and are going to help you in your life. It’s really that simple.

So, how does the Create Your Life Giveaway work?

The giveaway officially opens on July 19 and closes on July 30, 2021. When you sign up for the giveaway, you’ll have full access to all gifts AND you will be notified daily throughout the event about the gifts so you don’t miss anything.

I am LOVING this giveaway! How can I share this with my friends?

I would love it if you shared this giveaway with your friends!